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Competitive Analysis

Compete with fellow members to asses strengths and weakness

Intertesting Quizzers

Practice to perfection with multiple test with personalized feedback

Personalized Module

Personalizes and adapts to learning methods of every trainee taking them to perform at heightst levels

Get Your Potential Echoed

Learn from the professionals:

Former Business Development Managers of World’s leading Edu-tech organizations help you pave your way of being the next Gen Sales Rock stars.We use personalized and adaptive format of training assessing your learning and communicating methods.

Test your knowledge and skillset:

Robust Test modules with live online consultation helps you practice to perfection.

Mentor Support:

24*7 Mentor support for doubt clearance and in depth analysis of real time progress.

Placement Assistance:

We believe with the extensive training received by you from us will eventually land up a job in leading Ed tech Organizations.

On job training certification:

We provide job assistance.

Our Courses

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